Case Study

ETL were responsible for reviewing, modelling and analysing sets of large scale health care data, and were struggling to manipulate the data using Excel alone. Enter Schematiq to the rescue…

The Problem

  • Several very large sets of healthcare related data from multiple sources needed validating, merging, filtering and analysing. Merging was often based on a unique identifying parameter.
  • Excel and Access lacked the power to easily merge and manage data. Pivot and lookup tables further increased file size resulting in excessive processing time with Excel frequently crashing.
  • The client’s time was being wasted trying to overcome limitations to the spreadsheet approach, rather than analysing data and reporting on the results

Our Solution

  • Schematiq allowed the raw data to remain in flat files, so analysis workload could be completed within the Schematiq add-in, and only the results surfaced into Excel.
  • Simplified approach ensured that risk was removed from the analysis.
  • Potential errors in Excel coding contained in thousands of complex formulas were replaced with simple template formulas.
  • Targeted solutions were delivered rapidly with minimal impact to users, delivering first results within hours.

Our Delivery Differentiators

Using Schematiq to perform enhanced analysis greatly reduced time to implement by improving existing process rather than on-boarding brand-new technology platform.

Assessments were then performed in timely way meaning business-critical decision making could be performed within tight timeframes.

Joining two sets of data from different sources was made extremely simple in Schematiq, as was creating lookup tables based on multiple fields rather than just one field.


  • Client was able to easily extend and expand the data model themselves after brief (few days) on-boarding and in-house training.
  • Client was able to easily join, process and work with very complex data sets, processing data much quicker than before as files were much smaller and no longer crashed.
  • Analysis was sped up and simplified, allowing a focus of time where it was needed most – on decoding the results and using them to make essential business decisions.
  • Excel based structure was useful for the whole team – easy to understand even for those not completing the analysis themselves.

"We’ve been really pleased with how well Schematiq is working for us – we are thrilled with its capabilities and how much time it saves us."