Our beginnings

Ithaka Trust Company is an owner-managed trust company set up to service a select number of families who wanted a return to the traditional role of trustee. Ithaka exists for those families who felt disillusioned by ever increasing fees, impersonal and declining levels of service; they wanted a dedicated, efficient and traditional approach to trusteeship and so the journey to Ithaka began. Over time, impressed by the dedicated multi-family office approach other families became interested and remain part of the story.


Ithaka is a small independently owned trust company based in Jersey that looks after a select number of global families, helping them to achieve their strategic objectives.


We at Ithaka are committed to providing the highest level of service to discerning families. Knowing our families so well means that Ithaka can anticipate issues and provide solutions before problems arise.


Ithaka’s reputation is founded on integrity and excellence, together with a deep understanding of their client’s complex needs.

Our Difference

Mission Statement

We help families achieve their long term objectives by working alongside their advisers to provide a proactive, efficient and traditional trust and corporate service.


Our Vision

Ithaka Trust Company is an owner-managed trust company that provides a personal service to a select number of families. We offer a traditional approach to trusteeship, with a focus on nimble, proactive, and dedicated service.

The journey to Ithaka began when its very first client family approached Ithaka due to being disillusioned by ever-increasing fees and deteriorating levels of service. Over time, impressed by the personal approach, other families became interested and the story continues…

We at Ithaka are committed to remaining independent. Each director looks after a maximum of ten families, guaranteeing a truly director-led and personal service.

Ithaka is a licensed Managed Trust Company managed by Fairway Group in Jersey. Fairway is independent from Ithaka but provides infrastructure support and, where necessary, administrative support providing stability and consistency for the families reliant on Ithaka.

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Ithaka is a trusted guide for families each on their own unique journey. We offer a range of services that helps protect their heritage while also achieving their long term strategic objectives.

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