Case Study

Energy Trading 

The largest Swiss electricity producer that trades and supplies gas and power across Europe, storing renewable power generated during the day in hydro schemes to be supplied back to the markets during the evening. As an international energy trader, they are active daily in all continental European markets.


The Problem

The client needed to bring control and scale to their Excel estate, highlighted when auditors raised concerns around their over-reliance on Excel for mission-critical business processes, particularly across Trading, Risk and Finance. 

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Why Schematiq

Schematiq removes the limitations of Excel, empowering users to create connected, agile workbooks without the reliance on VBA. These models can be scaled by utilizing the cloud based Schematiq platform, allowing models to be called as APIs, whilst in a controlled environment. Choosing Schematiq as a strategic solution provides a quick, cost-effective tool for users, which enables them to resolve the shortcomings in workbooks, and facilitates them to scale safely, without the need to hire developers.